5 Unique Sweet Treats to Put on Your Bucket List

5 Unique Sweet Treats to Put on Your Bucket List

A meal is usually not complete without a sweet ending. In fact, for some people, dessert is their most favourite part of the meal, looking forward to it even while they are still indulging in the main course. Some people who love dessert so much tend to enjoy eating a sweet treat even without an appetiser or a main entree. If you do love desserts too, below are some unique sweet treats that you need to put on your bucket list.


Pashmak is also known as Persian cotton candy or fairy floss that can be perfect on its own, particularly if it is garnished with ground pistachio nuts. It is also usually served on top of fruits, as well as cakes and ice cream. Some even add pashmak on puddings. If you are wondering where to buy fairy floss, then look no further because you are most likely to find a reliable distributor of this amazing dessert online. Just keep in mind to only engage with reputable online sellers to ensure that you get high-quality pashmak to tickle your taste buds.


Trdelník is one of the most popular desserts in the Czech Republic. For this reason, you will find this easy to find, particularly around the streets of Prague. This dessert is made with a spiral dough that is topped with sugar and walnuts. The dough is wrapped around a stick that is used to cook it over hot coals.

Num Kom

Num kom is a traditional dessert in Cambodia and in case you set foot in the country, make sure not to miss out on the opportunity to try out this delectable dessert. It is usually wrapped in banana leaves shaped in a triangular form. Inside, you will find a dough that is filled with sugar and coconut, as well as roasted sesame seeds. Because it is rather filling, some eat num kom as a snack rather than as a dessert.


Basbousa is also known as hareesh. Unlike some of its honey-soaked desserts, basbousa is a little less rich, but just as flavourful nonetheless. It is a cake made of semolina and coconut, sweetened with rosewater syrup. More often than not, it is also topped with crumbled pistachios.


Alfajores is made from two pieces of crumbly shortbread sandwiching a thick layer of dulce de leche. The filling is made from sweetened milk. If this is not sweet enough for you, go for alfajores that is also topped with powdered sugar or coconut flakes. The great thing about alfajores is that there are several variations of this dessert, particularly all around South America, but the ones in Argentina prove to be the best.

The Bottomline

The unique dessert ideas listed above are only some of the best sweet treats that you should try as soon as you have the chance. Rest assured that the sweet delights that you can explore are limitless. The key is in exerting the extra effort to find the sweet treats that can tickle your fancy, no matter how challenging it can be.