Great Use of the Whipped Cream and the Options of Nangs that You Have

Great Use of the Whipped Cream and the Options of Nangs that You Have

Icing or whipped cream? Many people usually think that they are the same thing, you know? However, although very similar, the two are made with different ingredients and must be stored in different ways. In order for you to stop confusing them and learn more about toppings for cakes, cupcakes and pies, we have prepared a subject teaching you how to make whipped cream and icing and when to choose each one in the preparation of different recipes. Check out.

Whipped cream is more creamy and should be stored in the refrigerator

With a smooth, creamy texture and a very sweet flavor, whipped cream is basically a type of cream that is widely used to enhance dessert recipes. Its traditional recipe is made with fresh cream, refined or icing sugar and vanilla essence, resulting in a super tasty mixture. The great advantage of the whipped cream is that it needs to be kept refrigerated (otherwise it ends up dismantling). In addition, it is the most suitable for covering coffees, hot chocolates, incorporating recipes for fruit salads (strawberry with whipped cream, for example, it is delicious!) And also for putting the finishing touch on cupcakes and pies in this case, you can use a pastry bag to make a design on the top of the candy. Now that whip cream bulbs are available for purchase from online store such as you can opt for that and that makes the options wider.

How to make whipped cream

It is worth mentioning that there are different versions of homemade whipped cream that are very tasty. However, there are two basic ingredients that cannot be missed in the preparation: sour cream and sugar. Some people also like to add a little butter and vanilla extract to add flavor.

You will need: 2 cans of heavy cream (200 g) without serum, 3 tablespoons of refined sugar, 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence.

To start, the ideal is to leave the cans of cream in the refrigerator overnight so that it is easier to hit the point of the whipped cream. Just before making it, also leave it in the freezer for about 20 minutes and make holes in the cans to remove the whey from the cream. Put the ingredients in a container and then beat everything with a mixer at low or medium speed. Do not stop beating until the mixture is creamy and firmer, sticking to the beaters. Then just store the whipped cream in the refrigerator. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Note: If you do not want to prepare the whipped cream on your own, our tip is to use the whipped cream, which comes ready and is super practical to use. This ingredient is very sweet, tasty and should also be stored in the refrigerator.

Icing is firmer and great for decorating cakes and cupcakes

Much used by confectioners to decorate and give more shape to cakes, icing is a firmer ingredient than whipped cream and does not contain sour cream in its preparation. Usually made with egg whites, sugar, lemon juice, and it can be kept out of the refrigerator. Despite being considered less tasty than whipped cream, icing ends up being more suitable for certain uses, as it has a firmer consistency to make cookies and cakes easier.

There is also the option to prepare royal icing, the mildest version of the ingredient. Usually made with icing sugar, it has a texture similar to that of meringue after drying – being very suitable for decorating cookies. A good tip for confectionery is to use food coloring to dye the icing and thus make more beautiful arrangements in the sweets.