Numerology and Food – What You’re Like In The Kitchen

Numerology and Food – What You’re Like In The Kitchen

What kinds of foods do you like? Is the Kitchen a pleasurable place for you? Numerology can predict what kind of food preferences you’ll have. We just need to calculate your Birth Day number.

Birth Day Calculation

Your Birthday number is the date of the month you were born on, reduced to a single digit by fadic addition. For example, actor Orlando Bloom was born on January 13th, 1977, so his Birthday number is (4) as shown below.

Birthday = (Day part of your birth date) = (13) = (1 + 3) = (4)

The Birth Day number values, and their affects on your food choices are listed below.

Birth Day (1) – Experimenters

You love trying new foods; your palate quickly becomes board with the same old fare. Also, a decorative presentment on the plate means a lot to you. Exotic fruits and vegetables, wild game, Lobster and sea food with a good vintage wine are your preferred choices. You don’t mind paying for a truly exceptional meal.

Birth Day (2) – Wholesome Eaters

You like preparing a healthy meal, just as much as eating one. Rich desserts, creamed potatoes, thick soups, and pastas are all among your favorites. Milk and dairy product dishes, as well as cheeses of all kinds are greatly enjoyed. Home-made brown bread is a particular weakness of yours.

Birth Day (3) – Nibblers

You don’t care for sitting down to a big elaborate meal. Snacking thought the day is your preferred method of eating. Beer or wine with nachos is a meal to you. The kitchen is an unknown mystery to you; you just use it as a place to store ready made foodstuffs.

Birth Day (4) – Food Lovers

You love to eat, and prepare meals with a passion. You relish new dining experiences whether you’ve prepared it yourself, or are dining out. Your refrigerator is always filled with interesting foodstuffs. Food is a major part of your life.

Birth Day (5) – Snatchers

Your hectic life leaves little time for meals. You survive on fast food, eaten on the go, with little thought to the health consequences of what you are eating. Only your hectic lifestyle helps keep the pounds at bay. Chocolate and candy bars are your friend.

Birth Day (6) – Socializers

You treat meals as a social occasion. You are willing to go to great lengths to prepare an impressive meal for your family and friends. You love hearing the praise of others for your hospitality. Meals that you have to take alone are a chore; you don’t really care what you eat at those times.

Birth Day (7) – Kitchen Wizards

You are a wizard in the kitchen. You have a knack for preparing delicious and imaginative meals with whatever is on hand. Your fair is simple and wholesome, and you seem to have an endless variety of dishes you can whip up. You almost never use a cookbook, but instead pull your recipes out of thin air.

Birth Day (8) – Generals

You have a precise well organized kitchen from which to do battle. You are a confident cook, and will bravely experiment with exotic dishes provided you have a good recipe to work from. You like to entertain, and expect to be complimented on what you serve.

Birth Day (9) – Inspired Cooks

You are a born genius in the kitchen. Able to pull off meals that require precise timing in preparation with ease. You sometimes make up your own recipes with excellent results. Spaghetti and other dishes with flavorful sauces are among your favorites. Deserts are also a specialty of yours. Be careful not to be too critical of the efforts of others in the kitchen, it will cause you trouble.

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