Slap Chop Vs Quick Chop! Billy Versus Vince in the Kitchen Wars – Which is Better?

Slap Chop Vs Quick Chop! Billy Versus Vince in the Kitchen Wars – Which is Better?

It could have been predicted that as soon as Vince Schlomi introduced the amazing Slap Chop that Billy Mays would counter with a similar device, the Quick Chop! Both are designed to make chopping and dicing everything from nuts to broccoli a cinch in the kitchen, saving time and hassle. Do they work? Consumers say yes, but not quite as perfectly as they do in their vibrant infomercials.

The Slap Chop sells for a penny under twenty bucks while the Quick Chop is $12.99. Both require shipping and handling charges but the slap chop comes with a cheese grater and a buy one get one free offer where you simply pay double the shipping. This makes it easy to get one for your self and as a holiday gift for someone else. The Quick chop also comes with a buy one get one free offer and instead of a cheese grater comes with folding cutting boards. Quite a useless addition to most consumers. The difference in the price is a mere seven bucks, however largely consumer reviews say there is quite a difference between the two on action.

Both are advertised to chop, mince and dice even the hardest to cut foods like potatoes and nuts as well as provide enough sharpness to make salsa and fruit salad without causing a mushy mess. In side-by-side kitchen comparison tests, both did okay on the basic foods like onions and garlic while the Slap Chop was much more effective at chopping fruits and potatoes as well as nuts. The verdict, the Slap Chop’s blade is much much sharper and definitely worth the additional $7.

In addition to that, the Slap Chop blades are interchangeable and have a butterfly effect, which allows them to open for cleaning. Both of these handy kitchen gadgets were prone to getting food particles and pieces stuck in the blades during chopping and the Quick Chop was a little more difficult to clean despite its claims to have a non-stick surface. The bottom line is that with ease and convenience, there will be some clean up and not every food will be diced to perfection.

Consumers seem to unanimously agree that the Slap Chop provides a sharper blade, a little less mess and has a more user-friendly design. However, both products do work well for every day kitchen use and they are definitely easier than dicing and chopping with a knife. Many customers feel that they both work better when the food items are at least halved or quartered before being put into the chamber. While Slap Chopping and Quick Chopping are perhaps safer for the majority of the population, culinary experts will still resort to their trustworthy sharp knives for kitchen dicing. It is difficult to predict the size and exact size of the foods in the Quick and Slap Choppers and you are pretty much stuck with just one consistency.

If you are in the mood for some quick chopping, it is probably best to go with Vince Schlomi and the Slap Chop which has stronger and blades. While the cheese grater for free may come in handy, the folding cutting boards free with the Quick chop will not. For a mere $7 difference, it is worth getting the better and more versatile kitchen utensil.

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