Food Network Just Dropped The Trailer For ‘Amy Schumer Learns To Cook’

Amy Schumer drops the trailer for her Food Network show “Amy Schumer Learns To Cook”

Amy Schumer announced last month that she and husband Chris Fischer, a professional chef, would self-film an at-home cooking show for the quarantine-era called “Amy Schumer Learns To Cook.” The show premieres on Food Network in about a week, and based on the just-dropped trailer, it is extremely up our alley.

The eight episode show was shot in Schumer and Fischer’s actual home-kitchen and will premiere on Food Network on Monday, May 11 at 10 p.m. The premise is that Fischer cooks while Schumer mixes cocktails, but based on the trailer, Schumer generally annoys her husband and serves up quips like “Get that fennel out of my face. I need my face, it’s my money maker, as they say in the biz,” to which her husband deadpans, “okay.” They have a cute dyanmic

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