The Best Recipes, Apps And Other Hacks We Tried This Week (May 4-8)

There’s no “right” way to navigate the coronavirus pandemic — everyone lives and copes differently. That said, fostering a sense of community may make getting through this time a little bit easier.

Enter this weekly guide. Every Sunday, we’ll bring you a short list of products, routines, workouts, recipes, apps and other things we tried the previous week that are making life easier during this universally stressful time.

Take a look at this week’s suggestions from our editors below. 

Activity Recommendations

Set a short-term savings goal.

I’ve been sleeping on my couch since early March when lockdown started. Weird, I know, but it felt cozier and safer in some way on my comfortable couch. I’ve also been saving up a bit of money every paycheck to put toward home improvements since I have so much more time here to look around and come up with projects.

This week I finally

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This Waffle Maker Creates 3D Cars and Trucks, So It’s Acceptable to Play With Your Food

As if kids didn’t already reach for food with their fingers enough, it’ll be nearly impossible to stop them when their breakfast is shaped like toys. CucinaPro has a waffle maker that forms the carbs into 3D cars and trucks, so it’s like having a pile of Hot Wheels on your plate.

The small appliance works by pouring your favorite pancake and waffle batter into the nonstick slots and closing it to cook. The top half has corresponding cutouts, so as it cooks, it molds the top half of the cars and trucks. The result: waffles in seven different shapes of cars and trucks. We almost don’t want to cover them in butter and syrup and eat them, but we all know we will (after having some fun with them first).

The CucinaPro Cars & Trucks Waffle Maker is available on Amazon for $39.95. It looks like the

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Princess Charlotte delivers homemade pasta to pensioners as she celebrates fifth birthday

Princess Charlotte delivering food packages - Duchess of Cambridge
Princess Charlotte delivering food packages – Duchess of Cambridge

Princess Charlotte has been delivering homemade food packages to isolated pensioners around her Norfolk home, as she celebrates her fifth birthday today.

The Princess, who is being homeschooled by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Anmer Hall along with her siblings, helped make fresh pasta and carry care parcels to the vulnerable this week as the family try to do their bit for the coronavirus effort.

She is celebrating her fifth birthday on Saturday at home with her family, as Kensington Palace release photographs to mark the milestone.

Taken by the Duchess earlier this week on the Sandringham Estate, they show the small princess carefully picking up handfuls of bags to deliver to doorsteps.

In one, she is clutching a clear bag full of fresh pasta, homemade by the Cambridge family over several hours the day before and tied with

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