Firing up the grill? Here’s how to avoid food poisoning this season

Firing up the grill? Here's how to avoid food poisoning this season
Firing up the grill? Here’s how to avoid food poisoning this season

It’s the summer season, and people are flocking outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and bask in the warmth. They are also firing up their grills to enjoy a good old backyard barbecue.

However, there is an increased risk of foodborne illness during BBQ season and that’s because people are cooking more raw meat.

“Barbecuing is known to increase the risk of foodborne illness because often raw meat, which is known to contain foodborne pathogens, is also mixed with foods we typically consume raw, like fresh fruits and vegetables, lettuce, tomatoes … and so forth,” Lawrence Goodridge, a food science professor at the University of Guelph, told The Weather Network.

Typically foods like meat used in hamburgers or turkey burgers tend to be consumed at a higher rate, which increases the chance of foodborne illness. Goodridge says backyard

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A new digital cookbook celebrates the food of migrant communities

Riaz Phillips, curator of Community Comfort: Recipes from the diaspora - Javie Huxley/Kindima Bah
Riaz Phillips, curator of Community Comfort: Recipes from the diaspora – Javie Huxley/Kindima Bah

Starring recipes for buttermilk fried chicken, ackee and saltfish fritters, and Mauritian mutton curry, a new cookbook bringing together dishes from a diverse range of cuisines has been released today, with profits going towards helping the families of victims of Covid-19. Over 100 mostly UK-based contributors have submitted a recipe for the e-book, Community Comfort, which is the brainchild of Riaz Phillips. 

The food writer, activist, and author of Belly Full: Caribbean Food in the UK (Tezeta Press; £20) dreamed up the idea in late May, when news broke that the pandemic was disproportionately affecting ethnic minorities in Britain. Phillips had been volunteering with his mother, delivering shopping to a local estate in north London, but wanted to do something on a bigger scale. 

During lockdown Phillips, like many people, was cooking more. He

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Mexican Restaurant Business in The United States

Some experts say that if a person wants to show his affection to his partner, then food and hospitality are the best options, and the person can cook a variety of food and other offerings.

El Rincon

El Rincon is a place that is quite popular for its Mexican food and its delicious taste. El Rincon is a high-quality standard restaurant. If you don’t know anything about Mexican food restaurants, then there is no problem. You can take your partner to enjoy the food and beverages in the best Mexican restaurant in Texas.

Mexican Restaurant businesses in the United States are quite popular. Either a small town or vast continents, everywhere a bunch of hotels and Mexican cuisine restaurants are available in the whole world.

Mexican Restaurants Designs

Some Mexican restaurants in the US focus on the front and backyard of the gardens where tourists and customers could spend … Read More

These Are the Best Portable Grills of Summer 2020

From Popular Mechanics

One of the best ways to cook outdoors is on a portable grill. These small appliances help you make a tasty meal anywhere, from the shore of a lake to your own backyard. They also lend additional firepower to your main grill when you’ve got a big cookout going. To help you select the right one, we tested the cooking capabilities of a range of grills and then ate everything we made, to make sure the fruits of our labor was up to snuff.

Check out quick reviews of five of the top models below—from homeowner-grade appliances to gourmet options—then scroll farther for more in-depth reviews of these and others, plus buying advice.

Selecting the Right Grill

Portable grills are fueled by lump and briquette charcoal or propane, each with its own advantages. Lump charcoal is easier to ignite and burns hotter than charcoal briquettes. Because it’s

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