4 Mop Bucket Shopping Tips

The Basic Tips for Choosing and Buying Best Mops and Buckets

Mopping the floors is among the most efficient ways to keep a property’s hygiene levels at their best. While mopping standards vary following the property’s demands, cleaning tools are a common denominator. Easy-to-handle mop buckets can make cleaning even the most demanding areas like hospital floors more manageable. As you hit the market in search of a mop bucket, you need to look at more the aesthetic value. Among the points that can help you pick the best option includes the following:

1. The system

The traditional mop buckets were only available as single trolleys. Today, you’ll find innovative double-bucket trolleys. While selecting the ideal system, consider your needs. For instance, if you only mop a small office, store, or home with limited floor space, a single bucket trolley could adequately meet your needs since you don’t need much water, cleaning agents, or frequent movements and cover more ground.

A dual bucket trolley is the best if you are a commercial cleaner or cover more ground. It enhances efficiency since you won’t keep making trips to dispose of dirty water. The dual system allows you to switch the water and keep the cleaning agents cleaner. Moreover, since you won’t be re-introducing the dirty water, it is a more effective solution in sensitive areas like hospitals or kitchens where germs can easily spread. The double bucket trolley also holds more water, making it easier to clean larger areas like warehouses and schools.

Each system has its ups and downs. The single system is limiting and only ideal for smaller tasks. While the double bucket trolley is great, it costs more than the single system. Simply put, pick a mop bucket system that matches your cleaning needs to ensure you squeeze the most out of the investment.

2. The wringer

You need to dip the mop in water and squeeze it – repeatedly. If you don’t, then you would only be spreading the dirt to the floor. The dipping and squeezing help you get a sparkling clean spot. Even better, the floors are more hygienically clean, which is your goal in the first place.

You need a sturdy wringer to realize such results, making it among the most important features of the mop bucket. If it is not strong enough, it’ll keep breaking, and you’ll have to keep replacing it, which can be costly. Even worse, some are not completely removable, meaning you may have to buy a new mop bucket. Whether it is a down-press or side-press wringer, it needs to be made of high-quality and durable material to serve you long enough.

3. Color coding

Color coding is not a significant check if you are only buying one mop bucket. However, it is a critical check for commercial cleaners or users managing multiple areas. You want to keep the mop buckets in their designated area, such as the kitchens, washrooms, and other sensitive areas. This helps limit the chances of cross-contamination. This is easier if the color coding lets you separate and manage them, which is more so if you are running a team.

4. The mobility

Carrying a loaded mop bucket from one floor to the next or end to end can be tiresome. This could limit your efficiency since you’ll be too tired to clean. Mobility is a must-check, which the modern solution offers with wheel attachments. You’ll effortlessly pull or push the loaded mop bucket around as you do the cleaning. Don’t pick just about any option with wheels.

Pay more attention to the wheels and their ability to navigate the target area. Some can easily get stuck on areas like tiled floors, beating the mobility logic. Versatile wheel attachments enhance mobility while making the cleaning much safer, especially since the twisting and straining won’t be in the equation as you carry the mop bucket and its contents around.

While you might focus on the price tag as you shop around, considering your budget, it would be best if you paid more attention to the quality and the value the mop bucket delivers over what comes out of your pocket. Mopping is more efficient, effective, and cost-effective once you find and invest in the right bucket, emphasizing the need to accord the shopping process the attention it deserves.

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