Catering Equipment: Different Types of Spoons

Catering Equipment: Different Types of Spoons

In the world of catering and food there are many types of catering equipment and cutlery is one of these categories. Cutlery is usually taken for granted in daily food preparation, but it makes up a big part of this process and we simply can’t live without it. In this article, I will take a look at the different types of spoons and what their uses are.

These are different types.

  • Solid Serving Spoon. This piece of cutlery has a solid scoop and is usually stainless steel based. It is used for serving rice, stew, curry and vegetables.

  • Perforated Serving Spoon. This item has a scoop that is perforated, in other words it has small circular holes in it. This allows you dish vegetables that are submerged in water. For example mealies are usually boiled in water, so this cutlery makes it easier and safer to remove the mealies from the boiling water.

  • Stirring Spoon. This item is ideal for stirring food such as stew or curry. It is allows you to mix the ingredients as much as needed. This cutlery is usually made of plastic or wood and used on a daily basis in food preparation.

  • Buffet Spoon. These are made of a tougher material such as break resistant polycarbonate so that they can cope with the demand of a busy buffet station. They are designed with a wider base for scooping food easily out of the buffet dish. In addition they can withstand high temperatures.

  • Solid Basting Spoon. This catering equipment is ideal for basting purposes. It has a solid scoop that is perfect for holding liquids. Once you’ve made your basting sauce you would use this item for scooping the sauce and pouring it over the chicken or meat you’re preparing. This cutlery comes with different handle lengths for your convenience. Some of them have a hole at the end so that you can hang it on a wall.

  • Perforated Basting Spoon. You can use this catering equipment for straining or draining foods that have been braised, poached or seared. You can easily lift mushrooms out of the pan without the remaining liquid that resulted from cooking them.

Cutlery is often an underestimated type of catering equipment, spoons even more so. When you plan your meal preparation it is always a good idea to make sure that you have the necessary catering equipment at hand to make the process a lot easier and convenient.

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