Exploring the Origin of Cheese Curds and Their Humble Beginnings

Exploring the Origin of Cheese Curds and Their Humble Beginnings

Cheese curds are curdled milk formed in the process of making cheese. It’s also called a premature cheese, a cheese which is shaped and eaten before processing into blocks and aged.

There’s no exact date on origin of cheese curds. But the common story is, once a nomad in the Middle East poured milk into a bag made from a calf’s stomach.  As he was on a long journey in a hot desert, the man decides to take a sip of milk, but out of nowhere, he found the milk turned into curds. Like many other foods, cheese curd was also an accidental discovery. It might sound gross, but that calf stomach helped us to discover the delicacy which is now popular worldwide.

Initially, Cheese curds were famous in the Midwest, specifically Wisconsin. But slowly they became popular in Canada as an essential ingredient of poutine and other countries too. Cheese curds are supposed to be eaten fresh due to which it’s not available everywhere. The squeakiness and raw taste of cheese curds can only be enjoyed when it’s fresh. However, many dairy companies like Pure Dairy has started selling frozen cheese curd by trying their best to maintain the taste.

Cheese curds are moist and have a rubbery texture, similar to cheddar it has a mild, salty taste. They usually come in white colour but depending on the type of milk used and the diet of the cow sometimes you can find yellow or orange colour cheese curd too.

You might have also heard the term “squeaky cheese,” it’s a popular nickname of cheese curd. The fresh cheese curds make a squeaking noise when eating due to which It got the name “Squeaky cheese”. The squeaky sound is due to the elastic protein strands that rub against your tooth enamel while you chew it—the fresher the cheese curd, the squeakier the texture.

Squeaky, warm, gooey, and sometimes crunchy. Cheese Curd is the most comforting and satisfying food. Eat raw as a snack or use as an ingredient to make other dishes; it’s the best appetizer or side dish for lunch or dinner.  And the best thing about cheese curds is, it’s full of nutrition. Even if you are following a strict diet plan, you can add cheese curds in your meal as a healthy option. This is also the reason cheese curds is becoming popular over the last few years.

Cheese curd has come a long way from its beginning. It was before popular as a part of poutine, but now it is the hero of its own. You can make an variety of delicious dishes with the help of cheese curd. And if you want to try the original cheese curds sourced from Wisconsin, my recommendation is Pure Dairy. They have the best cheese curds in Australia, the squeakiness and fresh of curd are incomparable to others.  Contact them from their website, and order now to bring home the cheesy mystery.