Food banks bracing for demanding summer amid inflation

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – We often think that the winter months are the hardest on people facing hunger problems, but it’s actually the summer months.

This is because school gets out and families lose a vital source of food for their kids. In fact, food banks across Michigan see an increase in visits by 20% during the summer season.

To make matters worse, food prices are on the rise and it could spell disaster for many families that are barely holding on as it is. One United Way employee told 6 News that they are feeling inflation too.

“Everything is costing more, right? So we imagine we will see more folks coming into food banks and pantries and on the other side of that the cost to procure these foods as well to get them [from] place to place. As far as transportation for our food bank partners… has increased dramatically as well”

More families will be needing help.

That’s why United Way has partnered up with Kellog to do the summer stock-up. From June 13 through the 24th, people across the state can donate online by clicking here.

The fundraiser only accepts online monetary donations, as food banks can purchase goods at much lower costs than consumers can.

Last year United Way was able to get $62,000 dollars

This year’s goal is simple: Raise more money.

“Any way we can increase that would be fantastic, the more that we raise the more we can help the community,” said Clark.