Make a South Korea Trip Memorable With Family and Friends

Make a South Korea Trip Memorable With Family and Friends

Korea is a beautiful place to go if you are planning to go on a vacation with family and friends. South Korea is known only to a few foreign travelers. But this land is full of mountainous terrain, expansive beaches, traditional temples, and modern cities; it has much to offer in both first- time visitors and those who already came many times.

The mountainous landscape is one of the most ideal places to spend a memorable vacation. The beautiful landscape together with its superb modernity makes it one of the favorite destinations of the world. South Korea is said to be a paradise for shoppers. There are numerous shops found in the country that are duty free.

To make your trip to Korea hassle-free and memorable, you should take some time in planning and having a little knowledge how to conduct yourself. Have reservations on hotels and pick the restaurant which most definitely suites your taste buds.

You should need to know every little detail to make your trip easier, starting from how to get to Korea and get some advice for the accommodations to tips on safety, money, and special festivals which you may be able to experience.

Here are the things to know in South Korea:
The official language of South Korea is Korean, but English is generally used in hotels and restaurants and other public enterprises.

In South Korea, there are plenty of taxis that are rather cheap. Taxi stands can be found and can be hailed nearly on all corners of every busy streets of the city. For an easy reservation of taxis you may call them by phone, but it may cost you somewhat on a higher extent. The taxi drivers are at large and are still increasing day after day; these drivers know how to speak English so it will no longer be difficult for you to make a conversation and give instructions as to where your destination is. It is recommended not to take a taxi during the busy hours as the roads got very crowded, it is better to use the subway.

Three kinds of public telephones are being used in South Korea. The gray telephones, blue telephones, and card telephones. All these three can be used for both long distance and local calls. Traveler’s cheques and foreign money can be exchanged into Korean Won at any foreign exchange banks and authorized money changer.

The country offers a well-organized medical Facilities for visitors. It includes many hospitals which spoke of the English language. But it is recommended that you go to international clinics at big general hospitals.

For emergencies, dial 112 for police, and 119 for the fire department. A police box is placed on every significant street. Hotel front desks and managers can lend you a hand to organize for a doctor or ambulance.

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