Renting Commercial Catering Equipment

Renting Commercial Catering Equipment

Most new caterers typically start off with just enough money to cover for supplies and basic necessities. Without foreseeing the influx of clients, it is difficult to manage a hectic catering service if catering equipment and supplies are not at hand.

While some caterers have the budget to buy anything they need, a newbie catering service can have the option to rent from a supplier. The price of large commercial catering equipment is no joke, so it is better to stick with a rental for the meantime. This is also true for some caterers who are in business for years. It is hard to tell when you will need extra freezers or food warmers, so it is best to have contact numbers of suppliers.

Purchasing catering supplies could cost you thousands of dollars. If you don’t have the money yet, it is better to rent the supplies from a trusted company. There are many companies now that provide supplies and equipment for catering services, but you need to be selective in order to find the best for your business. First thing you need to do is to visit the actual showroom or storage facility of the renter. This is a good way to see what they can actually offer your business. There may be websites and online galleries of items they rent out, but it is still ideal to see them with your own two eyes.

Second thing to do is check their offers and contract. An ideal renter will not charge you over a thousand dollars for a medium-sized food display or heater. There should be a correlation between the size and function of the equipment, and its rate. You can check with the renter if there’s a discount if the contract is for a few months. For sure this can help you save a few extra dollars which you can use in financing for new supplies.

Commercial catering equipment is expected to last for a long time. Most companies that rent them out will need to maintain and provide warranty for those with yearly contracts. Some caterers might ask if the renters are even profiting from such business, and the answer is ‘yes’. Large catering suppliers also have large budgets to purchase such equipment and supplies. They also need warehouses with showrooms and offices, as well as running websites to facilitate their marketing and other online transactions.

Catering suppliers emerged for the need of caterers who simply cannot afford to buy their own supplies at the moment. Renting their equipment for a couple of years can bring ROI in the long run; hence, their budgets get refilled.

If you are starting out in the catering business, it is best to look into this option of renting supplies. It is good to start now, especially if you’ve already established a name in the industry.

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