Rules to follow while drinking gin

Rules to follow while drinking gin

How to Drink Gin: 6 Rules to Follow

There have always been few liquors that have become a source of ultimate pleasure for people because of its flavor. You must have tasted a lot of them throughout your life. Among all the liquors, gin is the one I will talk about. Gin is a spirit. There have always been mixed opinions about gin but the true lovers of gin are the ones who will stay loyal forever.

The importance of gin arose when people started pairing it with other liquors. The time when it got the most hype was when a combination of cocktail and gin was discovered. This was the time when searches for best gin online increased with a huge amount. A classic Martini that is a mixture of cocktail and gin was liked the most by the people. Gin became the talk of the town and at that time only people came up with few rules for drinking gin. There are no hard and fast rules to drink a gin. Rules to drinking gin were made to discover the best taste of it and enjoy the variety that a gin has to offer. Read about a few essential rules below that will enhance the flavor of your gin. 

Quality over everything:

Anything that a person consumes either if it’s solid or liquid, one thing that should be prioritized among all the things is quality. Nowadays when people are going towards a better standard of living, everyone wants to buy such food products that are not harmful to health. Talking about the alcohol spirits here. You must be thinking that whatever gin you have ever consumed would have been a high-quality one only. But you might be wrong because you will be surprised to know the percentage of low-quality gins being sold. People love to consume the kind of alcohol spirits that are good in taste and are assured about the good quality as well. While choosing a gin to drink make sure to pick the high-quality one.

Gin and Ice- Perfect combo:

Did someone say ice? Ice adds life to every drink that one wants to consume. Your drink is not cold enough? Add some ice. The drink got finished and the glass is still empty? Add ice to save yourself from embarrassment. Need a chilled drink? Add some ice to your drink and relax. Ice has always been the perfect savior for drinks. A glass of gin-based cocktail goes best with ice. Ice will enhance the flavor of it. A gin is always best enjoyed when some ice cubes are added to it. Never try a gin without ice cubes. And if you have never tried a gin and an ice combo then try it now and get a refreshing feel.

Gin with a cocktail:

Gin is the kind of liquor that is known to be a fascinating one. This liquor itself has its fame because of the versatile taste that it has to offer. Food pairings are always a thing since they start like pairing pizza and other foods together.  Few pairings in drinks have proved that why is it important to pair drinks with each other. I would like to talk about pairing gin with a cocktail. Unlike vodka cocktails, gin cocktails have gained a lot of fame in its time. The reason behind this is that a gin has a harsh flavor and no cocktail can overpower its taste. Both the things combined produce the best drinks like Martini, Negroni, gin and tonic, and many more. Also, enhance quality. So this is more of a benefit than a rule.

Go for the right glass choice:

You must be wondering what the right glass selection has to do with gin. Or which kind of glass is best suited with a gin? Let me clear this confusion of yours. The kind of glass you pick for drinking gin can have a great impact on the flavor of the gin in both negative and positive ways. A highball glass is always preferred by people when drinking a gin cocktail but what if you get to know that there is a kind of glass that will enhance the taste of your gin. Balloon glass is the right glass that you should choose for drinking a gin or any drink that has gin in it and the reason behind it is that balloon glass slows down the ice melting process preventing the gin to be diluted quickly.

Drink at the kind temperature you like:

When the word temperature is used with liquor, people always take the meaning of this word as room temperature. But people are wrong if they do so. By the word temperature, I mean the temperature of the gin. This is the kind of rule that if not followed will completely ruin the mood. Take a glass and pour gin in it and keep it in the fridge. Take another glass of gin and drink it at its warmest temperature. You will feel the difference between the taste and texture of both. Go for the taste and texture that you like.