The Restaurant City Secrets Series – Top Ways to Earn Gourmet Points in Restaurant City

You need to reach Level 27 if you want to be one of the top players in Restaurant City. This puts you at the top level of this Facebook game, giving you the biggest possible restaurant, the greatest number of options, and the most possibilities for fun!

The key to getting to Level 27 is to earn vast numbers of Gourmet Points (GP). To help you with this, I’ve got some tips to share. First off, let’s get clear about this. Gourmet Points are the game’s way of telling when you have earned the next level. Getting your first few levels is easy. But as you go up in levels, you need to earn ever more GP to continue moving up. Just as in real life, it is easy to dabble in something, but a lot harder to become an expert. To reach that expert level faster, keep in mind these two tips:

  • Make some Level 10 dishes. You want some Level 10 dishes because the get you more GP than lower level dishes. That means having a few Level 10 dishes to serve will make your life much easier. Even better, you don’t have to have all Level 10 dishes. All you really need is one each Level 10 Starter, Main, and Dessert. With those three, you can offer an all-Level 10 menu and earn the most GP per customer.
  • Choose the right dishes to level. You need to figure out how hard it will be to level each dish based on their ingredients. The more rare ingredients a dish has, the harder it will be to get that dish to Level 10.

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