Treats To Help You Ease into Winter 

Treats To Help You Ease into Winter 

50 winter comfort foods to help you beat the cold weather blues

It will soon be that time again in the year when we start to put our strappy tops and shorts away, bring out the jumpers and blankets, and get settled in while the weather turns. For some, this is a sadness that can only be rectified when the sun shines again; for others, it is a time for them to come into their element and enjoy the colder months.

Regardless of your side, some treats should be on the cards to ease us through this transition. So, this piece will take a look at what might be a great buy for the upcoming months for you to enjoy.

Let’s get into it!

The Onesie

First and foremost, a treat that is essential to the changing weather is a onesie. Not only will this help keep you warm with less help from expensive electricity, but there is something so comfy about them that nothing else can replace. 

One of the great things about the onesie design is that it is designed to keep all of your body heat inside, much like a sleeping bag, so it is perfect for when those mornings get a little chillier, or you just want to feel a little cozier around the house. 

Microwave Beanies 

There is seldom anything that is more comforting than a cuddly toy, but imagines one that can be warmed up in the microwave and give you heat for up to an hour? That’s right, a microwaveable beanie should be on your treat list for this winter, as it doubles up as the perfect companion, along with some extra warmth that will most likely be needed for the autumn-to-winter transition. 

Variety of Warm Drinks 

Warm drinks are the ultimate treat for the colder turning seasons, and the beauty of them is that there are so many to choose from. Not only are warm drinks excellent for keeping you warm, but there is something very comforting and festive about them too, which can give us the little kick we need when we are out and about in dreary weather or when we just get inside from it! ‘Ginger and lemon’ is a delicious common combination. You can also add hot water to squash for a warm, blackcurrant treat, or go all out and indulge yourself with a hot chocolate. Search chocolate bombs online to purchase a novel hot chocolate experience with all of the trimmings – perfect for a cold night and a decadent gift to yourself. 

A New Coat

If your last winter coat has seen better days, and you want something with a better thermal layer, then treating yourself to a new coat before the weather turns is an excellent gift for yourself that will keep on giving. A new, warm coat might just take the sting out of having to go out in the cold, and the rain, or will at least make it a little more bearable when you are out in it!

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