Try these tasty noodle recipes for a fun evening snack

Try these tasty noodle recipes for a fun evening snack

Noodles are a popular type of food product that is consumed on a wide scale across the globe by people of all age groups. Noodles are prepared in various forms around the globe depending upon the region and culture in which they are made. Due to this, a wide variety of noodle recipes can be easily created using these delicious strands of dough.

Different noodle recipes originating from different parts of the world have gained popularity across the globe. For example, spaghetti is a popular form of noodle dish in Italy whereas in Japan the most consumed noodle dish is known as Ramen. Similarly, the most popular type of noodle dish in China is known as Chow Mein which consists of stir-fried noodles along with a source of protein and vegetables.

In this article, we are going to look at noodle recipes that can be easily prepared for a fun evening snack. We are going to prepare these noodle recipes using the range of products from Yippee noodles and Yippee pasta. These noodle recipes will be unique and can be easily prepared from the comfort of your home.

Noodle Garlic Bread Toast

A garlic bread toast is a perfect companion alongside a cup of evening tea or coffee. The garlic bread toast can be given a wholesome noodle twist by introducing atta noodles as the filling. To prepare this recipe, add the mixture of butter, garlic, cheese, and spices to the top of each slice of bread. Then add cooked yippee atta noodles as a filling in between the pieces of bread and toast the bread till it is golden brown. The noodles will give a delicious twist to the flavour profile of the traditional garlic bread toast.

Veg Noodle Lollipop

Lollipop is an all-time favourite snack which consists of lollipop sticks with a delicious filling that is savoured alongside schezwan sauce. Preparing a veg lollipop with noodles will give a unique texture to this classic snack that is usually eaten as a starter dish. This recipe can be prepared by simply cooking the yippee noodles and using them to form a filling with the help of maida and cornflour. Use an ice cream stick to form the lollipop and deep fry each stick till it is crispy and perfectly cooked.

Masala Maska Pav with Noodles

A pav is the most popular and widely consumed food product alongside a cup of tea. This recipe gives a savoury twist to the everyday pav while also providing a wonderful flavour with the inclusion of noodles. All you have to do is prepare chutney with butter, garlic paste, and the masala from the noodles. Add this to the inside portion of the pav and then toast it till golden brown. Finally, fill the pav with cooked noodles and enjoy alongside a hot cup of tea.

Noodle Samosa

A Samosa is one of the most popular Indian snacks that has gained a universal appeal in recent years. A traditional samosa comes with a crispy outer layer that is filled with a spicy potato filling. To create the noodle samosa, create a filling using cooked noodles, peas, and a small number of potatoes. Use this mixture to fill the samosa dough and deep fry till golden brown. Savour this unique noodle samosa alongside tomato sauce or chutney.