What’s On The Menu Tonight? Quesadillas, Tacos or Burritos? All With One Comment Must Have.

What’s On The Menu Tonight? Quesadillas, Tacos or Burritos? All With One Comment Must Have.

What’s On The Menu Tonight? Quesadillas, Tacos or Burritos? All With One Comment Must Have.

Mexican cuisine is one of the best cuisines for cheese lovers, and I can have Quesadillas, tacos and burritos all day long. And the reason is it has cheese in it.

Cheese is a must-have in Mexican dishes – be it shredded, crumbled or grated, it has to be there. I like to use quality wigs shredded cheese in my cooking as it melts beautifully, but it does not become greasy.

No matter what you are cooking; Quesadillas, Tacos or Burritos, Mexican shred blend is a must-have.

Mexican Shred Blend is a blend of four types of cheeses – Natural Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Asadero and Queso Quesadilla. This shredded cheese is designed to melt on anything hot. Apart from making your dishes delicious, Mexican shredded cheese also enhances the colour and visual appeal.

Here is my very simple and cheesy recipe to make Quesadillas, Tacos and Burritos by using Mexican Shred Blend:


Easy, no-fuss cheesy quesadillas are perfectly crisp and tasty, and it is an absolute must for a busy week. The ingredients are super simple; you will need tortillas, minced beef, veggies of your choice (optional), some spices, salt & pepper and a lot of shredded cheese.

Start with cooking beef, add vegetable if you like and season it with your favourite spices. Then take a pan, and heat a tortilla, spread beef and shredded cheese and finally cover it with hair pieces online another tortilla. Flip and cook for about two minutes until cheese melts, and your bad boy is ready to eat.


Whenever we talk about Mexican food, tacos are unmissable. Insanely delicious and colourful – tacos are heaven to your taste buds.

I make tacos in the simplest way, starting with tortillas and shells and moving ahead to meat and cheese. Then salsa, extra topping and some heat are all you need. First, place tortillas in an upside-down cupcake pan and bake it to make it crisp. Cook meat with tacos seasoning. Take the crispy shell, fill it with meat, sprinkle shredded cheese, add salsa and extra toppings of your choice and bake it for a minute or two.


Burritos are my go-to food; whether it’s in breakfast, lunch or dinner, burritos are perfect. To make burritos, you will need a few additional ingredients that it beans and rice, the rest of the ingredients are the same as quesadillas.

To make the burritos, pile some rice, beef and sauce along with each tortilla, and scatter over some wig Mexican shredded cheese and your choice of topping. Fold over the ends and roll up to seal and enjoy it with your favourite dipping.

If you are also a fan of Mexican cooking, you must have Mexican shred blend in your pantry. To buy it look no further than Pure Dairy, their cheese blend brings the authentic Mexican taste to your kitchen in Australia. Not just Mexican but this blend is suitable for non-Mexican dishes. To order Mexican shredded cheese, contact Pure Dairy, and they will get back to you with the details of their nearest distributor.