How to Set a Budget for Customised Cakes

How to Set a Budget for Customised Cakes

Why Are Custom Cakes So Expensive? — Candid Confections

There’s no denying that customised cakes in Singapore make any occasion special. Cake is often seen as a luxury, reserved for special occasions. But what if you could have your cake and eat it too – by eating a budget-friendly cake that still tastes delicious?

Before you start drooling over all the delicious possibilities, it’s important to set a budget for your cake.

Are you planning on throwing a party and need a cake? Or maybe you want a special cake for a birthday, anniversary or other celebration? A customised cake can be the perfect way to make your event extra special.

But how do you set a budget for one?

1. Consider the cost of design.

The labour involved in the design of a cake is what truly determines its final price. Additions like detailed hand piping and painting, cut-outs for specific images or figures that will be added into your party’s symbol (such as flowers), carved features such as an animal sideshow–all these things can increase how much you pay per layer!

If only one tier has this decoration, then it doesn’t matter so much because there aren’t too many parts being worked on at once; however, if all four layers have some form sculpted out by hand, then each individual step becomes more costly due to complexity.

2. Consider the flavour too.

You may think that a customised cake in Singapore is expensive because of its flavour, but you’ll be surprised to learn which flavours cost more than others.

There is a reason why certain flavours are always in demand. The more popular your favourite type of cake, the lower its price will be for you! For example – if someone wants an entire chocolate four-layer birthday cake with cream cheese icing on top but none other decorations or add-ons then they can expect to pay less than another person who requests different toppings such as peanut butter cups and filberts between layers instead.

3. Think about other ways to serve dessert, not just the cake.

You can work the number of servings you need for your guests in several ways. If there are other desserts at or served after dinner, like sundae bar with ice cream and mousse among others; then expect to serve about one less plateful per person than what was originally planned when measuring up all those pieces before cutting into them on special occasions such as weddings–even though they may not look exactly same size! You don’t want any disappointed faces reminding everyone how much food got thrown away because nobody wanted anymore—so make sure every guest has enough cake without feeling too stuffed (and wasting money).

4. Consider a smaller cake.

To make your event more memorable and fun, consider having a dessert table. It’s also nice because it adds variety in the menu while saving on costs by not needing to deliver food! Seek out an experienced baker or designer who does both cakes as well as desserts- they’ll be able help with anything you need done before or after setup so that everything runs smoothly at the venue too.